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Silver Z-Cap

Silver Cap Super smooth cap without any harsh additions to the sound.

Absolutely neutral tonal balance – A truly outstanding audio part.

Product Description:

Our Silver Z-Cap Capasitors are an axial type made of metallized polypropylene, especially manufactured for audio purposes.

The materials we use, were chosen for the best sonically results in this price class.

We use a special machine to wind all our capacitors, so that the capacitors become a very tight reel. This minimizes the inner vibration and keeps micro phonic effects as low as possible.

The sturdy lead-wires are made from pure silver thread, which has even better conductive properties than the PCOCC copper used in our Standard and Superior Z-Caps.

This gives the capacitor the best possible lead-wires for Audio Purposes.

Silver Z-caps will show the true picture immediately, so they do not need any burn in time